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All About Women Hair loss Solutions

Coconut oil is a great healing scalp and hair conditioner. Use a small amount as a hair dressing on a regular basis and/or use it as a pre-conditioner before washing your hair. Massage it into the scalp and through the hair. Wrap your head in a warm towel and rest for fifteen minutes to allow this nourishing, healing oil to soak deeply into your scalp and hair.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when thinking about how to regrow hair naturally is that heat treatments such as blow drying, sitting under a dryer, use of curling irons and flat irons or any other extreme heat treatment must be avoided. When your hair is wet, it is very fragile. Bombarding it with heat after washing will break it and dry your scalp. This will prevent new hair growth. Instead of blow drying or wrapping your hair in curlers and heat drying, simply wrap your head in a towel after washing. Allow excess water to blot off, then let your hair hang free to air dry. Get additional information at women hair loss solutions.

Once your hair is completely dry, run your fingers through it, comb it with a wide toothed comb and brush if desired. If you have a great haircut that makes the most of your hair type and texture, you will probably be happy with the end results of this treatment. Remember that the less you do to your hair in the way of styling, the healthier it will be. With a good haircut, your hair should look great simply washed and brushed. This will help you avoid extreme hairstyles that can tear hair and damage your scalp.

When you invest in a great haircut and commit to use of natural hair care products and gentle natural care, you are well on your way to mastering the art of how to regrow hair naturally. Support these efforts with an all natural, whole foods diet and plenty of fresh, pure water and you will soon see vast improvements in the condition of your hair and your overall health.