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The Advantages of Playing Online Slot Games

Slot games are highly entertaining, whether being played at land-based casinos or on the internet at popular UK online slots sites such as Gold Rush Slots. However, there are many benefits to playing slots online at casino websites. Firstly, it’s much more convenient for beginners to the iGaming industry to get to grips with gameplay, and secondly, there are so many more games to choose from! That’s not even mentioning the great rewards and bonuses which are up for grabs. Some of the many advantages of playing online slots are listed below.

They are Highly Convenient

The convenience factor of online slot games is a massive advantage. Anytime you feel like playing, simply log in and do so. There’s no requirement to walk or drive anywhere, and this is especially beneficial if you don’t live particularly close to your nearest land-based casino. You can literally squeeze in a little slot gaming in a few minutes, thanks to their online versions. Many online casinos now offer mobile slots too, making it even easier to pick up your device and play, whether at home or out and about.

Extensive Range of Games

Another obvious benefit to playing slots online is the far greater range of games. Players find choice appealing, of course they do, and many popular internet-based casinos offer a great range of games; some with libraries as large as 1000 or 1500 titles. The games are often presented within a number of categories including themes, paylines and reels, so it’s easy to pick out your favourite type of casino slot.
More innovative games are released frequently and added to online games catalogues too. For example, Gold Rush Slots often adds the latest, most-advanced releases to its already impressive collection UK slots and table games.

Free Slots

It’s no secret that online gambling has seen increasing levels of popularity over the last decade, and there are several factors behind this. One of those is the many offers of free casino games, which allows a player to try out a slot game for free before risking any cash. This enables a player to gain a better understanding of the game and perhaps learn a few strategies, before trying it out with real cash wagers.
Rewards and Bonuses
Don’t underestimate the perks of signing up to an online casino; new customers often receive a generous bonus after signing up and placing an initial deposit. This bonus enables the player to enjoy the site’s casino games for free initially, and is used as an incentive to encourage prospective customers to register with the casino.
High Payouts

The payouts of online slots is significantly larger than that of land-based slot machines. Land-based casinos offer, on average, around 86% payout, whereas with online slots, the figure is much closer to 97%. So, in addition to being easier to play, you’re in a much better position for winning cash prizes on your computer or mobile device, than you are in the land-based casino.


Modern gamification serves to ensure that online slot players get as much enjoyment as possible out of their gameplay at popular online casinos. Gold Rush Slots, for example, offers a thrilling gamification feature upon their website known as Trophies. These give UK online slots players the opportunity to ‘level up’ whilst they play through their favourite games featured on the slots site. Each time a player levels up, new features, bonuses and rewards are unlocked, meaning that the highest-level players will benefit from free cash prizes, exclusive bonuses, etc. To increase their level, a Gold Rush Slots member simply has to play games to complete fun tasks. The more slots played, the more quickly they will increase their level. Gamification has become a highly popular element of modern online casinos and you will find that many slots sites have begun to follow suit.

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