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Great Art Sliding Tile Puzzles

Reassemble some of the greatest art in the world with our great art sliding tile puzzles. These are online versions of the plastic sliding tile games of days gone by! There is help on how to solve these slider puzzles at Novel Games.

(Note: These are Java games - if you do not see the puzzle you will need to download the Java plugin which you can get here.)


Please choose a puzzle:



The Prisoner

Marriage at Cana

Mona Lisa

The Blind Girl

At the Luxembourg Gardens

The Canigiani Holy Family

The Milkmaid

An English River in Autumn

View of the Entrance to the Arsenal


The Duet

Haywain Bosch

The Last of England

Basket of Fruit

Ville d'Avray

Death of Marat

Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Three Fellahs

On the Veranda



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