Interesting Art Links - Videos and Podcasts

• Elephant Art
Isn't the web wonderful? We just came across a video of an elephant painting - yes really painting! Amazing. And if you don't believe it just watch this video

There are more videos here

• The Longest Art Gallery in the World. Watch a 55min video about the Mogao Grottoes in southeast of Dunhuang County in Gansu Province, China. If you haven't alredy seen this, be prepared to be amazed and awed. Google Video. (Don't get impatient with the introduction - it only lasts around 50 seconds)

• Take a closer look at the Mona Lisa at The Louvre website where the painting is held. Easily the best examination of a painting online at the moment.

M. C. Esher The Official Website
Click on the "Downloads" link on the left hand menu for three virtual rides. They have computer generated three of Esher's impossilbe paintings into 3D objects so that you can see how they would look. Very well done.

Natinal Gallery of Art in Washington, USA. Videos & Podcasts
A wide variety of video and audio podcasts available on diverse topics from a discussion of photography between the wars to a detailed consideration of Rembrandt's painting of A Boy in Fancy Dress. These podcasts last on average around 10 minutes.
Highly recommended: If you click on video podcasts you will see a four part podcast series narrated by Al Roker callled The Magic of Illusion which looks at works by Masaccio in detail.

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York
There are currently nine "vodcasts" which consists of two art critics talking together in detail about a particular painting or sculpture. They last around five minutes each.

Velazquez at the Natinal Gallery, London
This is a short video from the Sunday Times art critic Waldemar Januszczak about the Velazquez Exhibition (2005-06) at the National Gallery. Brilliant.

Caravaggio - documentary by Robert Hughes (1975) part 1
This link takes you to the first video of this facinating and absorbing documentary which is in 7 parts on You Tube - follow the links on the right under related videos for part 2, 3 etc. Each part lasts around 10 minutes. Robert Hughes is superb - start watching this and we guarantee you won't be able to stop!

Dirty Dali
This You Tube link takes you to part one of five - all around 8 or 9 minutes long - segments of a program by Brian Sewell on Dali.

Other good You Tube art links
As you can see, this is by no means a definitive list. We will add more as we find them.
Caravaggio's technique
Painting a Rembrandt (excerpt from the film Incognito 1998)
Art History Project Part 1 - Nava's Baptism of Christ
Bernini - Power of Art (Simon Schama)

Essential Art Bookmarks


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